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Science Course Prospectus
Guidelines and Expectations
South Charlotte Middle School
Teacher: Mr. LaGrange

Course Description
The sixth grade science curriculum is the study of natural and technological systems. This class will cover a wide array of topics from the solar systems to ecology. The students will be utilizing critical thinking skills as they discover science through using scientific method.

In keeping with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, the sixth graders will:

  1. Identify and create questions and hypotheses that can be answered through scientific investigations.
  2. Analyze variables in scientific investigations.
  3. Explain the model for the interior of the earth.
  4. Describe the processes which form and the uses of earth materials.
  5. Analyze the components and cycles of the solar system.
  6. Analyze heat flow through materials or across space from warm objects to cooler objects until both objects are at equilibrium.
  7. Describe ways in which organisms interact with each other and with non-living parts of the environment.
  8. Evaluate data related to human population growth, along with problems and solutions.
  9. Evaluate the significance of photosynthesis to other organisms.
  10. Describe the flow of energy and matter in natural systems.

Classroom Expectations
All students are expected to come to class prepared with their knowledge, interactive notebook, pens, pencils and other materials when instructed. Each student will receive a set of textbooks that will need to be kept at home. I have a class set for use in my classroom. Students will come quietly to class and begin the warm up immediately entering the room. Students will not talk during this time. Often in the classroom we will conduct classroom discussions and it’s absolutely necessary that the students demonstrate respect by waiting to be called upon before talking and never talking during the class while I’m instructing.

Materials for class:
Five/Three Subject Spiral Notebook- Pencils/Colored pencils
College rule with dividers Highlighters
Scotch Tape Black/Blue Pen
Loose leaf paper Glue Sticks

Students will have science on alternating (A or B) days. Please expect homework on the day that they have class. All homework is due at the beginning of the class block. There should be no excuses on why homework is not done as they have two evenings to complete the work. Partial homework will be given a grade of a 70.Late homework will receive partial credit up to 7 days after its due. If a student is missing homework at the end of the 7th day it becomes a zero.

All tests receiving a grade of<70 will be given back for corrections. The student will have 2 days to complete the corrections to raise their grade. (Max points 70%)

Interactive Notebook
Each student will use an interactive notebook for all class assignments and notes.

If a student has an excused absence from school, he/she must make up all work within five days of his/her return to class. Anything not made up within that time period will turn into a zero. * It’s the student’s responsibility to contact me regarding work.

Students will participate in several projects/labs this year. Each project/lab may require research, group work and a class presentation. Special materials may be required or requested at the date of the assignment.

Welcome to a new and exciting school year here at South Charlotte Middle School. I look forward to a wonderful, successful school year. If a situation does arise concerning the education of your child, please contact me by using one of the following methods.
Telephone: 980-343-0245 Ext. 2510
Email: brettc.lagrange@cms.k12.nc.us

By working together, the sky’s the limit on what we can achieve this school year.

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