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7th grade Social studies Packet due June 1st- All the homework for the rest of the year

7th Grade Science Packet All

the homework the rest of the year. Due June 4th

7th Grade Science/Social Studies

Warmup Social Studies use this link


Read article and watch video.

explain what the article was about and give earth examples of newtons laws?

What surprised you about article/video?

Draw annotated illustration of the astronaut examples of newtons third law?

Formal Project grade March 28th


Political Cartoon





More Difficult


Newspaper Article


March 20th

Log onto castle learning and look over test.

Fill out chart on any missed questions. Make sure you share with me.

If you made below a 79 you must do corrections which is found on I Can Decolonization tab.

After finished do Primary sources practice plus the required work it asks you to do. Get small worksheet from Mr. Cappas. make sure you share document with me. Stop where its says to stop.

If finished complete vocabulary words for International Organizations.

Also make sure Soviet Union DBQ paper is turned in.

March 14th

  1. Go to Communist China tab and read Deng Xiaoping article and answer questions in cornell notes.
  2. Watch video on Tianamensquare and answer questions under I Can Satements review tab
  3. Go to I Can Statements Review Decolonization/Cold War and read Ghandi Passage and complete questions in cornell notes
  4. Complete I Can Statements under I can Statements review
  5. Under I can statements review complete questions underneath based on map, put answers in Cornell Notes.
  6. Take quizziz for review
  7. Make sure project on decolonization is finished
  8. If finished make sure your vocabulary foldables and DBQ paper is submitted

Instructions will all be on main home page

Make crossword on Personal Finance and Cold War vocabulary words


Social Studies Test Imperalism/World Wars February 7th

Online DBQ

Block 1

Block 2


Block 4


Warm up January 12th social Studies Nationalism

Watch video and use the focus questions below to guide your Cornell Notes.


Focus Questions:

1. How is Nationalism a dividing force for an empire?

2. Use a nation as an example for this dividing force (I suggest Austria-Hungry).

3. How is Nationalism a unifying force?

4. Use either Italy or Germany as an example to demonstrate this.

Summary: Does nationalism tend to unite or divide in the United States?

Science test Tuesday January 16th

Dispersal work January 3rd

Read the following article and answer questions in Cornell notes and bucket each paragraph.

Read the following article. Write a summary of the article: include at least 3 reasons why Mitosis is important and what Mitosis is.


Watch the following video and do accompanying worksheet


If you finish early work on cell division vocabulary under cell division

Dispersal Work January 4th

January 4th Dispersal Work
Go to Imperalism tab on my website and go from the top down.
First watch the crash course video on Imperalism and answer the questions in your notebook in Cornell Notes.
When your finished Go to the next file which is Imperalism reading. Read and bucket each subheading. So for example you should have a bucket for the the following subtopics:
New Imperalism

Renewed Expansion


Political and Socioeconomic Motives

White mans burden

Colonies and Spheres of Influence in Asia

Central and Southwest Asia

East Asia

South Pacific

Partition of Africa

Early inroads to Africa

Scramble for Africa

Resistance to Imperalism

Western Influence to Latin America

Impact of imperialism

When completed do the questions file right below it, for the political cartoon part, make your notebook horizontal and divide and put one political cartoon on one side and the other on the other side and then just follow the directions of the questions.

Skip sections 3 to 5

If finished early you can start on Imperalism notes just like we do normally in class where you take notes and answer questions

Tutoring is every Tuesday from 7:45-8:15

Brett LaGrange

  • Make sure all homework is written in your agenda daily.
  • Homework Calendar for your convienence.
  • Look over Notes and reading daily
  • Please update your notebook daily
  • All notes must be written in interactive notebook
  • For all tutoring sessions please email me before to let me know of your intention of attending
  • All work completed late needs to be printed out on time to receive credit

Homework Calendar link


Easy bib link


Important Due dates

Notebook : Things to remember

  • Make sure all Notes are taken in Cornell Notes format
  • Write only in black pen
  • Four Questions per page of Cornell Notes
  • As you work on assignments make sure they are put in notebook and labeled in table of contents
  • Always cut, center, glue stick, correctly center and scotch tape corners when putting things in notebook

Social Studies notebook

Table of Contents presently
Page 1 ..... Subject page
Page 2...... Course Syllabus
Page 3..... My Historical Figure
Page 4-13 Table of Contents
Page 14 Warm Up/Essential Questions
Page 15 Warm up/Essential Question
Page 16 Cornell Notes

Science notebook

Table of Contents presently
Page 1 ..... Subject page
Page 2...... Course Syllabus
Page 3..... All about me Page
Page 4-13 Table of Contents
Page 15 Warm Up/Essential Questions
Page 16 Warm Up/Essential Questions
Page 17 Cornell Notes
Page 18 Cornell Notes
Page 19-21 Scientific Method Notes
Page 22-23 Sponge Bob Scientific Method Worksheets
Page 24 Section 1.1/1.2 Review Atmosphere