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7th Grade Science

Brett LaGrange

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Study Guide Machines
Key Terms
1. Machine 2. Mechanical Advantage 3. Efficiency
4. Simple Machines 5. Lever 6. Fulcrum
7. Wheel and Axle 8. Pulley 9. Inclined Plane
10. Wedge 11. Screw 12. Compound machine
Questions to think About
  1. What does a machine do?
  2. What is mechanical advantage and how do you figure it out in terms of work?
  3. What is efficiency and how do you calculate it?
  4. What are ways in which machines can increase efficiency?
  5. Identify and explain the six different simple machines
  6. What is a fulcrum and how is it used?
  7. How are the simple machines used in terms of input force and output force?
  8. Where is friction found in the six different simple machines?
  9. What is a compound machine and give example of it?
  10. How are simple machines related to compound machines?
  11. What is the mechanical advantage of a compound machine?
  12. How are simple machines used to move objects? Explain use for each?
  13. How is a fulcrum used to use the least and greatest amount of force?
  14. What has the greatest impact on the efficiency of a machine?
  15. How can the mechanical advantage of a screw be increased?
  16. What type of incline plane would be best to carry supplies?

Practice Test Machines

Information for Practice test

Table of Contents presently
Page 1 ..... Subject page
Page 2...... Course Syllabus
Page 3...... Course Syllabus
Page 4..... All about me Page
Page 5-14 Table of Contents
Page 16 Speed reading Passage
Page 17 Answers to speed reading passage (Title it on top of page)
Page 18 -19 Notes on Motion
Page 20 Speed Challenge
Page 21 Section 1.2 questions

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