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1.Movement 2. Conquistador 3. Trade Routes 4. Exploration 5. Great Dying 6. Silk Road 7. Columbian Exchange 8. Mercantilism 9. Triangular Trade.

Columbus, de Gama, and Zheng He! 15th Century Mariners.

1. How did competition for resources lead to ship voyages?
2. What was the economic relationship between nations?
3. What was the effect of economic conflict and the line of demarcation?

4. In the summary pick the best sailor. (Provide evidence).
Video can be watch or transcript may be read here

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Age of Exploration Notes

Vasco De gama DBQ

Age of Exploration Notes 1450-1750

Age of Exploration Sources Classwork

9th Block
Work on homework
4th Block
Take notes on Age of Exploration 1450-1750 there is tab for it and watch John green video and take notes.

WARNING cinnamon challenge has led to hospital visits. NEVER DO THIS.

Four main subtopics of the video

1. How did disease affect the society, economy, and government of the Americas
2. How did the importing of Old World animals change the environment of the Americas (factors in human settlement, and changes in culture)
3. How did New World foods lead to population increases around the world?
4. How did the Colombian Exchange lead to slavery?

Summary Was the Colombian exchange more positive or negative.

Projects for Notes

Portuguese Control trade

Columbus Voyages

Conquest of The Aztecs

Conquest of the Incas

British and Dutch East India Company

Trans Atlantic Slave trade

The Columbian Exchange

The Great Dying

Hispanic Caste System

Age of exploration Project



Columbus Primary Document

Age of Exploration Reading

Thesis Statement information

Primary Documents from age of exploration

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Age of Exploration Geography Notes

DBQ Age of exploartion


Crash Course Spanish Empire

KEY vocabulary for homework. Inflation = money losing value.


1. What were the achievements of the Aztec and Inca?
2. How did the Spanish gain wealth in the New World?
3. How did Spain mishandle their silver wealth?
4. How did China gain Spanish American silver?
5. How did this negatively impact China?

Summary: Was the linking of the world caused by the desire for silver worth the problems it caused?

Crash Course Slavery

Worksheet for Answers/Notes

1 List the numbers shipped and dead.
2 How were slave captured?
3. Explain the economic role of Slaves?
3. Describe the horrible conditions sugar slaves worked in (provide details).
4. Come up with your own definition of Slavery.
5. DO NOT take notes about older forms of slavery. Instead focus on the Transatlantic Slave Trade and analyze if you agree with John Green’s conclusion: The truth that we must grapple with is that a vast array of our ancestors, including those we think of as ours, whoever they may be, believed it was possible for their fellow human being to be mere property.

Study Guide/Age of Exploration

How was the Europeans and the far east age of exploration different?

What was a negative impact of World trade in the 15th and 17th centuries?

How did the European colonization of South America lead to enslaved Africans?

What advantages did the Spanish have over the Indigenous people during the Spanish conquest?

What was responsible for allowing small bands of Conquistadors to conquer huge territories?

Where did the Spanish settle and why in South America?

What was the main reason why Europeans were attempting to sail to India?

Why did European explorers first sail around Africa instead of exploring its interior?

Explain the Hispanic Caste system and why it was put in place by the Spanish?

How did the Spanish and the native cultures affect South America today?

How did the Columbian Exchange help to ease the scarcity of resources in the New World?

Be able to explain and describe all nine of the topics and its effect on the Age of Exploration. Create a visual representation for each topic and its effect on the age of exploration.

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Exploration Remediation chapter...

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Disease Activity

Reasons for exploration

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