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Vocabulary for Atmosphere
1. Altitude
2. Density
3. Troposphere
4. Stratosphere
5. Mesosphere
6. Exosphere
7. Air Pressure
8. Barometer
9. Molecule
10. Thermosphere

History of the Earth's Atmosphere


Getting to know the Atmosphere

Atmosphere Webquest

Atmosphere Webquest Sheet

Link for air pressure and density

Gases found in Atmospheric layers

Layers of Atmosphere

Earth's Atmosphere (textbook Reading) 611-613 Density and Atmosphere

1. What is the atmosphere
2. What is altitude?
3. What happens to air as you go up in altitude?
4. What is Density?
5. What happens to atmosphere's density as you travel upward?
6. Why is it harder to breathe in higher altitudes?
7. Where is most of the mass of the atmosphere?
8. Draw a circle graph of the percentages of gases in dry air?

Poster Project for Atmosphere

Questions for Cycles in Nature

Cycles in Nature

Cycles in Nature Notes

Crash Course : Water and carbon Cycle

Crash Course: Nitrogen Cycle (Only watch part on nitrogen Cycle)

Pollution and out atmosphere reading
Group A

Group B

Group C

Section 1.3 The Changing Atmosphere

Section 1.4 Human Activities Affect the atmosphere

Layers of Atmosphere Homework Sheet

Rubric for Visual Representation/Poster

Rubric for Informational Essay on Atmosphere

Rubric on Atmosphere Prezi

Atmosphere Study Guide

I Can Statements

Science Retake Packet