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HOMEWORK Watch or Read and take notes

Guided Questions:
1. Why was the revolution of 1911 incomplete (should have multiple bullets to answer)
2. What is ironic about a "people's democratic dictatorship", what rights did it say it gave?
3. Why were the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolutions disasters?
4. How has China recovered today from the chaos of the past?
Summary: Were the revolutions China went through worth the position it is in the world today?

Textbook read 26.3 China's Communist Path

Questions for China's Communist Path

China Notes

China History
1. Take 2 Pages of Cornell Notes on section and complete questions in Cornell notes

Deng Xiaoping Article

Write the Main idea of each section and answer the following questions.

1. What did Deng Xiaoping say about the Cultural revolution?
2. What did Deng Xiaoping want to do with China's Economy?
3.What did Deng do with his family during the Cultural Revolution?
4. What was one of Deng's First Reforms? Explain
5. How did Xiaoping change Education?
6. Why was 1984 Deng's most glorious year?
7. In what ways did Xiaoping control China with an Iron Fist give two examples?