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Crash Course: Decolonization; Take Cornell notes on the following questions
1. Where did Post war decolonization happen?
2. Who was Gandhi and how did he change India?
3. How did Vietnam decolonize during the Cold War?
4. How did Egypt decolonize from Great Britain?
5. How and what problems did Africa face for decolonization?
6. Why was this the right time for countries to decolonize and give examples of real world events from this time period?


Decolonization document

South Africa Apartheid Worksheet


Decolonization and revolution DBQ


Decolonization Webquest

Decolonization of Africa
1. What was the Scramble for Africa and who controlled it?
2. What two countries during Imperialism were not controlled by European countries and why?
3. What was a result of Imperialism and Colonialism throughout Africa and what were it's long term effects on Africa?
4. What were at least 3 main causes of Africa decolonizing from European control?

Decolonization of Asia
1. What was the main reason why countries in Asia decolonized form European powers?
2. Who was the first and last countries to gain independence?
3. Make a chart of the following countries with at least 4 countries that gained their independence from the following countries: 1. United Kingdom 2. France 3. Portugal 4. Spain 5. Netherlands 6. Soviet Union 7. United States 7. Australia 8. Japan 9. Netherlands
4. Explain how Burma, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Cambodia gained their independence?

Do Lesson 1,2,8,10

Decolonization Notes

Decolonization Project

Decolonization Activity (Reading)

Read 6-12 and do questions 1-11

Decolonization Notes

HOMEWORK Read and take notes 1 page. No guiding questions figure out what is important by yourself. ONLY READ THE FIRST TWO SECTIONS DECOLONIZATION AND METHODS AND STAGES.