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Economic Systems

Take Cornell Notes and make questions, take all notes

After finished complete the you tube video with questions

Watch video take notes: Draw visual just like Mr. Byrd does horizontal in your notebook

Focus Questions
1. What are the benefits and problems of Capitalism?
2. What are the benefits and problems of Socialism?

Summary: What parts of the American Economy are Capitalist, and what parts are Socialist? Which do you prefer and why?

Watch video on difference between Capitalism and Socialism and answer questions

What's the Difference between Capitalism and Socialism


Put in Cornell Notes

1. What do Communism and Socialism have in common (2 things)
2. Why was Karl Marx important?
3. Why and how were workers being exploited? (Taken advantage of )
4. Who were the bourgeoise and protletariat?
5. What is Socialism and give real worl examples?
6. What is Communism and how is it different than Socialism?
7. How does Capitalism and Socialism work so well together and give examples?
8. Why does the host say we have never seen a true communist country, give examples and explain.

Economic Systems Notes


Economic Systems Group Work Questions

Read and answer questions

1. Define each system (Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism).
2. Why do countries mix these systems?
3. What are the benefits and problems with each system?

Inquiry based Assignment: How should wealth be divided

Wealth Divided Cornell Notes

Group Input