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Watch video or read transcript and take notes. (if you are having trouble with crash course videos I suggest printing the transcript and highlighting the notes to answer 1-6 and then hand write your summary to practice analysis)


Focus Questions:
1. France became bankrupt, storms destroyed fields, and Enlightenment thinkers were challenging the king’s power. How did this affect the nobles, middle class (bourgeoisie), and peasants?
2. When the Estates General failed and the 3rd Estate met on the Tennis Court what rights did they try and protect, and why was storming the Bastille important?
3. What did the peasants want out of the French Revolution?
4. How did the other kings of Europe react the French Revolution? Did Louis XVI like their support?
5. What was the largest negative of the French Revolution? Describe it.
6. Who was most responsible for stopping the French Revolution?

Summary: Is the legacy of the French Revolution (all people being equal and having rights, and the idea that the power of government comes from people) worth the death and destruction it caused?

French Revolution Notes

French revolution ; Storming of Bastille

1. Why did the colonists storm the Bastille?
2. What was the meaning behind the flag?
3. What do they do with the governor of Bastille?
4. What is the symbol of victory in the Bastille?
5. What did the Angry women of France want and what did they do?
6. What did the citizens of France want from the King and Queen?
7. What new instrument was the mark of justice in France?

French revolution Worksheet (Causes)

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Absolutism and Democracy DBQ

French revolution DBQ

Reign of Terror


The Reign of terror

The declaration of rights and man and citizen guaranteed right to man and citizens of France. Those right were taken away during the revolution with the reign of terror.

The general assembly decided the revolution must continue and have a republic. Anyone who conspired against the new French government was tried and executed. No proof was needed and many were executed for rumors. Over 12,000 were killed in two years. Rights were basically taken away by committee of public safety.