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gene- The basic unit of heredity that consists of DNA on a chromosome.

a pair of genes where one is dominant and one is recessive — they're different.

a pair of matching alleles, which are the two genes that control a particular trait. If both your alleles that determine blood type are O, you're homozygous — and you've got type O blood.

phenotype- An organisms physical appearance or visible traits.

genotype- An organisms genetic makeup, or allele combinations.

mode of inheritance-
The manner by which genes and traits are passed from parents to their children.

Alleles- An alternate form of a gene for a specific trait or gene product.

Recessive- A term that describes an allele that is not expressed when combined with a dominant form of the gene.

Dominant- A term that describes the allele that determines the phenotype of an individual organism when two different copies are present in the genotype.

Punnett Square- A chart used to show all the ways genes from two parents can combine and be passed to offspring; used to predict all genotypes that are possible.

Probability- The likelihood or chance that a specific outcome will occur out of a total number of outcomes.

Percentage- A ratio that states the number of times an outcome is likely to occur out of a possible 100 times.

Traits and Heredity

I Can Statements for Genes and Heredity

Gregor Mendel video


1) Take notes and make sure you include the following important terms:
A. Gregor Mendel
B. Dominant VS Recessive
C. Gene
D. Heterozygous/Homozygous
E. Phenotype/Genotype
F. Alleles

Questions to answer

1) What is gene editing and how is CRISPR work to help with gene editing.

2) What are some possible benefits for gene editing

3) What are some consequences for gene editing

4) Provide an example of how CRISPR will change your life in the next 10 years.

5) Pick a side for the use of CRISPR and whether or not we should use it or not. Use evidence from the text to support your opinion.

Gene editing (Reading)

Gene Editing (Podcast)

Chapter 4.1 Living Things inherit traits in patterns.

Chapter 4.2 Patterns of heredity can be predicted

Traits and Heredity Notes

Genetics and Heredity Webquest

Remediation for Quiz

Frankenfish Project

Pedigree Chart Notes

Pedigree Chart Activity

Pedigrees Amoeba Sisters

Muggle VS Magic

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Traits and Herdity
Thursday 3/17

1) Write your own pedigree chart story (like the one we did last class) and set-up answer key. Actually complete the pedigree chart

2) Research behavioral and environmental causes that could negatively impact our health. Must find at least 3 examples and use at least 2 resources. Must set it up as problem and solution. One paragraph for each example. Stating what the problem is and how you would try to fix it. Examples (Example of Behavioral is eating habits and diabetes. Example of environmental is air pollution leading to asthma and other respiratory illnesses) Don't use my 2 examples!

3) If you finish research and come up with an opinion on which impact people more Nature (Genes) or Nurture (Environment) Should be 1-2 Paragraphs.

4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBezq1fFUEA

6) Work on Traits and Heredity WebQuest

Pedigree Chart Worksheet Activity

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