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I Can Assignment

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Cold War

Communist China


Test Corrections Questions
1. What was the policy of containment
2. Why did the United States get involved in the Vietnam war and why was it important during the Cold War?
3. What is the difference between developed and underdeveloped countries?
4. What was the main foreign policy issue for the United Sates during the Cold War?
5. Why do most developing nations have changing government and powers?
6. Why did the United States get involved in the Korean War?
7. When nelson Mandela became President of South Africa what did he want for the country?
8. Why was the NATO, Warsaw Pact, airlift in Berlin, and the building of the Berlin wall examples of tension between the United States and the Soviet union?
9. How did Deng Xiaoping want to change China when he took power?
10. Why did the Soviet union want to maintain control of many Eastern European countries?
11. Who did Mohandas Ghandi and Mao Zedong try to appeal to during this time period and why?
12. What happened at Tienanmen Square and why?
13. Why did the Soviet Union and the United States alliance not last long after the end of World War II?
14. What reasons did NATO and the Warsaw pact form?
15. Why did the United Sates and the Soviet Union never get involved in direct military conflict and why?

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