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I Can Statements

NAFTA Activity

International Organization Projects

4-19 Classwork

examine the picture slide show, overview, and main organizations. Take Cornell notes.

Globalization Crash Course

1. What role does the government play in International trade?
2. What are tariffs and how have they changed the past 30 years?
3. What is global trade?
4. What are the advantages of Globalization?
5. What are the disadvantages of Globalization?
6. How has globalization changed the world?
In your own words what is globalization?

4-21 HOMEWORK Read and take notes. Summary should focus on is the WTO overall more good or bad?


4-25 Read and take notes on the purpose of the EU (European Union)


The United Kingdom Leaving the EU


1. What does Brexit mean?
2. Why is Britain leaving the European Union?
3. How has the government changed in Great Britain since the UK decided to leave the EU?
4. Summarize the main points of the article at least 3 different topics from that article?

Why does the UK want to leave the European Union

International Organizations Notes


African Union

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Doctors without Borders

International Committee of the Red Cross

Doctors without Borders

Human Rights Watch


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



United Nations

African Union

Organization of American States

World Health Organization

International Committee of Red Cross

Wikimedia Foundation






Cure Violence

Economic International Organizations

Demographics and Climate Change

The UN
The United Nations: Promoting Peace

1. How does the UN help build peace?
2. How is the UN made up and who are the permanent members?
3.How does the security council try to prevent and resolve violent conflict?
4. How does the UN keep peacekeeping missions?

The United Nations Fighting Poverty

1. The United Nations can only tackle one goal. Write down the Millennium Goal that you think the UN should tackle that is most important and explain why this is a worldwide problem that needs to be solved?
2.Why have you chosen that particular goal over the others?What other goal would be important to solve and why?
3. Create a Propaganda poster at the top write down the three goals of the United nations and on the rest of the poster highlight the Millennium Goal of the United Nations you believed to be the most important

The United Nations: Protecting Human Rights
1.What are human rights?
2.How does the UN protect our rights?
3. What happens if the a country doesn't protect the rights of it citizens?

The UN Role Play

The UN Simulation : The True Events: What did the UN really do

Quiz on International Organizations

I can Statements for International Organizations

Watch and take notes on Climate change (1 page)

Are you ready for the test; Block 1


Are you ready for the test; Block 2


Are you ready for the test; Block 4


Practice Questions


International Organizations Vocabulary

1.Demographics 2. Interdependence 3. Globalization 4. Non-governmental organization (NGO) 5. International Organizations 6. Terrorism 7. Tariff 8. Free Trade 9. WTO* 10. OPEC* 11. NAFTA* 12. G20* * explain what these are. Do not just write what the letters stand for

World Trade Organization Independent Activity

World Trade Organization Tasks

International Organization Notes

Reasons to oppose WTO

Population Lesson

What are demographics?
How will demographics affect the lives of populations in the future?

Human Population Growth Creeps back up

1. How is this paper about demographics?
2. Why will the US population continue to grow?
3. Where is most of the world population growth going to occur?
4. How are governments getting involved in population growth?

10 projections for global populations

Be assigned to different countries and you will go to CIA worlds fact book to look up demographic information and make a news cast about what their country is like in 2050.

Primary Documents for Environmental Problems

Natural disasters

Video 1 for question 1

What is the Caste System


Draw a pyramid of the caste system and then explain each part of the system and what the class consisted of.

Who were the untouchables and why did they not have a caste?

Caste system
"Caste is not past"

Caste System Questions
1. What is the key to India's future and why?
2. What has happened in the last two decades in India and how has it changed India?
3. How was India's society order divided? Explain the system?
4. What has been illegal in India for six decades and how has it changed India?
5. How have stereotypes played a role in India's caste system?
6. How has India's caste system been transformed?
7. What is the primary way people marry in India and why?
8. What is transforming India society?
9. How has the caste system influenced education?
10. How has the caste system influence politics?

Review Sheet for International Organizations/Natural Disasters/Environmental problems/Caste System

1. Why are global organizations created and how are they used in regards to politics (EU, OAS, AU, UN)
2. What is the purpose of the United Nations(Security Council, General Assembly, WHO)? Is the United Nations effective according to its history of global involvement (Veto power)?
3. Why are global organizations created and how are they used in regards to economics(G20, WTO, NAFTA, EU, and OPEC)?
4. What characteristics qualify a nation to be deemed impoverished? What support does an impoverished nation receive from global organizations?
5. How do international organizations have both positively and negatively impacts nation’s history and culture?
6. How has technology influenced global awareness?
7. How has technology participated in the development of a nation’s strength and power, or lack thereof?
8. What impacts have international organizations had on international relations?
9. What impact do NGOs have on the world?
10 Explain how demographic trends (population growth and decline, push/pull factors and urbanization) lead to conflict, negotiation, and compromise in modern societies and regions.

11. Explain how natural disasters (e.g. flooding, earthquakes, monsoons and tsunamis), preservation efforts and human modification of the environment (e.g. recycling, planting trees, deforestation, pollution, irrigation systems and climate change) affect modern societies and regions.

12. What impact does that Caste System in India have on its society today?