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Speed lab

Understanding Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

1. What is speed (explain) and what is the equation for speed?
2. How is Velocity closely related to speed and how is it different? Give a real world example of how velocity changes?
3. Why is Acceleration a misunderstood concept? How does acceleration change and what is the formula for acceleration?

1. Position
2. Reference Point
3. Motion
4. Speed
5. Velocity
6. Acceleration

Calculating Speed Problems SKIP 10, 11, 14,15

Speed WS 1-5 (Skip)

Speed/Velocity/Acceleration problems

Speed/Acceleration problems

Speed/Acceleration problems

Acceleration problems

Definitions are found in the next two PDF files, which are textbook readings

An Object in Motion Changes Position Section 1.1

Speed measures how fast position changes Section 1.2

Acceleration measures how fast velocity changes Section 1.3

Speed measures how fast position changes

Discovery Education Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Distance TimeGraphs


Distance Time Graph Worksheet

Speed Vs Time Graph

200 Meter Trial

Motion Reading

Forces Change Motion 2.1

Answer the following questions with the video in 2-4 sentences


I can Statements Motion and Force