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Nationalism and World War Retake questions

Set up in Cornell Notes

  1. What are the basic causes of World War I and II (four reasons)
  2. Why did WWI last much longer than all nations thought it would?
  3. What was the effect of industrialization on the outcome of WWI?
  4. How did WWI allow communists to take control of Russia?
  5. Why was the treaty that ended WWI a failure?
  6. How did the Great Depressions help lead to WWII?
  7. What did Japan want from China after WWI? Why?
  8. Why did Japan see the United States as a threat in WWII?
  9. What is similar and different about the Holocaust and the Nanjing Massacre?
  10. What technological improvements were made during WWI?
  11. What technological improvements were made during WWII?
  12. Why did Britain and France appease Hitler with Czechoslovakia?
  13. Why did appeasement not work in controlling Hitler?
  14. What is the link between the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression?
  15. What rights were taken away from citizens in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany?
  16. How did America react after winning WWI, and why did that create problems?
  17. Why was the League of Nations a failure?