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Watch video or read transcript. Take 1 page of Cornell Notes. Focus on how art influences culture, and how trade influences economy (these should be your subtitles or questions). In your summary either agree or disagree with John Green’s claim that the Renaissance did not happen.

Your questions could be

  1. What was the renaissance?
  2. Why is the Renaissance known as a rebirth? (Explain)
  3. How does art influence culture during the renaissance?
  4. How does trade influence the economy during the renaissance>
  5. How were ideas spread throughout the Renaissance?


Do you agree or disagree with John Green that the renaissance didn't happen? Explain

Crash Course Renaissance

Renaissance Project Information Sheets

Niccolo Machiavelli
1. What is Machavelli best known for?
2. Why did Machavelli become a diplomat and where?
3. What happened to Machavelli after the Medici returned to power?
4. What is the book the Prince about?

Chapter 12 The Renaissance (Read pages 1-5)

Question on Renaissance for pages 1-5

Renaissance Activity Lessons while reading

Renaissance European Figures

Renaissance Lesson

Questions in order

  1. What was the Renaissance Known for?

  1. How does the statue “David” show both the rebirth of Greece and humanism both?

  1. How are above examples different?

  1. Why would Renaissance thinkers challenge the accepted way of doing things?

  1. Do we as a culture today have more in common with the Middle Ages or renaissance and why?

  1. What did the Church fear and why?

  1. Do we as a culture today have more in common with the Middle Ages or the Renaissance? explain.

  1. Does our culture still have arguments between faith and science, give examples?

  1. Are we closer to the Middle Age viewpoint of faith should rule everything or the renaissance viewpoint that allows for science and faith to both a place in culture?

  1. Do the changes of the Renaissance affect most of the people of the time period, explain.

  1. Which groups would be most affected by these changes and why?

  1. Do you recognize any this art and from where did you learn it or were you introduced to it?

Middle ages Statues

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