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  1. How did the ideas of Humanism provide a break with the past and divide culture?
  2. How did the art and architecture of the time period change, and how does it influence our culture today?
  3. What is the relationship between the printing press and literacy?
  4. Why was the Heliocentric (sun centered) universe brought forth by Copernicus, and proven by Galileo such a controversy during this time?


  1. What were the major reason Christians were upset with the Catholic Church at this time?
  2. What impact on culture did the ideas of Martin Luther and John Calvin have?
  3. How did this lead to warfare and persecution of other religions?
  4. In what way were both the Renaissance and the Reformation a change from old long held beliefs to new ones?




  1. How do natural barriers affect trade, and settlement?
  2. Define the difference between push and pull factors.
  3. Why are both economic and geographic factors importance in human settlement?


  1. How did the Black Death change society?
  2. How did the Black Death change the economy?
  3. How did the Black Death change government?

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