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Test Review day One
Day 1:
Station 1
7 E 1.3
Test Code
Quiz Make 80 or above move on otherwise do a web-quest on Air Masses and Fronts

Air Masses and Fronts


Warm Front and Cold Fronts


Weather Fronts

Severe Weather Answers

Complete Web quest, save in Google doc

Station 2

7 E 1.3
Test Code
Quiz make 80 or above move on otherwise complete a short Google slides about the different air masses and types of severe weather ie Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods, Blizzards, Thunderstorms, and Explain diifernce between Hurricanes, cyclones, and Typhoons.

Air Masses Notes

Severe Weather

Station 3
7 E 1.4
Test Code
Quiz make 80 or above move on others do Coriolis Effect Activity directly below, fill out sheet on link

Cloud Types


Station 4

7 E 1.5
Test Code


Make 80 or above move on others watch video and complete assignment on global winds.

Global Winds


Complete Weather Review Questions 1- 26 Pg A 107

p. 107

Take Weather Quiz code on board

Day 2:
Station 1
7 L 1.1

Test Code


pretest 80 or above move on otherwise do vocabulary flashcards in your notebook on single cell organisms
  1. prokaryote
  2. eukaryotes
  3. euglena
  4. amoeba
  5. paramecium
  6. volvox

Station 2
7 L 1.2

Test Code


Draw and label plant and animal cell. Include a short description for each part of the cell
Identify the differences between plant and animal cells

Station 3
7 L 1.3

Test Code


pretest 80 or above Draw a flow chart showing the hierarchy of multi celled organisms. Tissues, cells, organs, organism, and body systems. Include a picture of each. Also, include a definition for homeostasis

Station 4
7 L 1.4

Test Code


pretest 80 Watch the video of the body systems and summarize the main functions of each systems

After Finished complete Cell Webquest and Human Body Worksheet

Cell Webquest



Complete Body Systems Worksheet

Day 3:

Station 1:
7 L 2.1 Asexual Reproduction

Test Code


pretest 80 or above move on otherwise a visual for Mitosis explaining each step and final result do it on white paper in the front of the room mini poster explaining interphase, PMAT, and cytokinesis

Station 2:

7 L 2.1 Sexual Reproduction

Test Code


Watch this video first concerning Meiosis

Amoeba Sisters Meiosis


Explain meiosis and explain how the result of sexual reproduction is different that asexual reproduction.

Station 3:

7 L 2.2

Test Code


pretest 80 or above otherwise complete Punnett square worksheet

Station 4:
7 L 2.2

Test Code


pretest 80 Watch the video of on pedigree charts and them complete worksheet

Use powerpoint or watch video

Pedigree Charts

Pedigree Worksheets

Mechanical Advantage

Read Pages


Take Cornell notes on reading at least a page: Emphasis on Mechanical advantage and output and input force and energy efficiency.

Do Questions 1- 5 in Cornell Notes and Challenge Questions 1-3 on 153

Read Pages 160-163

Complete Questions 1-6

Atmosphere Webquest

Clouds Webquest


EOC Quiz

Webquest on forms of energy