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Day 1 and 2

Human Settlement

Questions to answer
1. What are push factors?
2. What are Pull factors?
3. What are reasons people leave an area?
4. What are reasons people migrate?

Create a mini poster and divide into four parts: Annotated Illustration
A. Push factors
B. Pull factors
C. Scarcity of Resources on Settlement
D. Effect of Natural Barriers on settlement

The Black Death

1. Where did the plague begin and how was the plague spread?
2. Why was the plague called the Black Death? What were some of the symptoms?
3. How will Europe change as a result of the bubonic plague?
4. What impact will the plague have on the decline of feudalism?
5. What is the difference between the Black death and the Great dying?

Protestant Reformation Reading and Questions

How canals work
Read passage and make an annotated illustration on canals

American Revolution

1. Why did colonists oppose the stamp act? 2 reasons
2. What did the Townshed acts lead to and what where they?
3. What was the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party and what was their significance?
4. What did the Boston tea party lead to?
5. What was the most effective way colonists could protest taxation without representation?
6. How was the American Revolution not a step towards justice and equality?
7. What was revolutionary about the American Revolution?
8. How did the Enlightenment impact the American Revolution and what significant changes did the American revolution make?

Stop End of day 2

Salt March Reading with Questions

Renaissance Link

Draw visual just like Mr. Byrd does

1. What is the renaissance a shift from?
2. Explain at least three of the renaissance figures and how they impacted history?

Watch video again
Draw visual from Mr Byrd videos picture and make flash cards on the six most important enlightenment figures for government.

Economy Comic Strip

Make a comic strip in your notebook explaining the four different types of economic systems

Use the following links if you don't know them

The four Economic Systems


Economic Systems

Government Systems-

For the reading you need to give main idea and visual for each of the following headings.
1. Me, Myself and I
2. Power to the people
3. We, Ourselves, and Um us
4.Religious Rule
5. Rule by None
.Then complete questions on worksheet in notebook

MSL Review

Economics Quiz

Day 4


Image for map

World war I

Make annotated Illustration of the MAIN Causes of World War I

Treaty of Versailles: How it caused World war II

1. What was the war guilt cause and how did it lead to World War II and why was it not fair?
2. How did the damages during world war I lead to world war II and what did it do to Germany?
3. how did territorial losses lead to world war II? Explain and think about appeasement.
4. How did Militarism play a role in the cause of World War II and why did Germany begin building up its military?

World War II

make an annotated Ilustration in 4 boxes with the following topics

Causes of the war


War In Europe


The War in Pacific


After the war


Social Studies EOC Practice I

Social Studies EOC Practice 2

Social Studies EOC Practice 3

Final Review Activities

File for Scientific Revolution

National treasure