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Questions on Black Death/Great Dying

1. What contributed to spreading disease?
2. What was the Black Death?
3. Where did the Black Death start and how and where did it spread?
4. What were the symptoms of the Black death?
5. How did the Black death influence the economy?
6. How did the Plague change European Christianity?
7. How did the Black death change the way Europeans lived?
8. What was the great dying?

Protestant Reformation Webquest


American Revolution

1. Why did colonists oppose the stamp act? 2 reasons
2. What did the Townshed acts lead to and what where they?
3. What was the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party and what was their significance?
4. What did the Boston tea party lead to?
5. What was the most effective way colonists could protest taxation without representation?
6. How was the American Revolution not a step towards justice and equality?
7. What was revolutionary about the American Revolution?
8. How did the Enlightenment impact the American Revolution and what significant changes did the American revolution make?

Salt March Reading with Questions

Renaissance Webquest

Enlightenment Webquest

Day 3

  • Make sure you have finished the Enlightenment and Renaissance webquests

  • Also Make sure you have finished American Revolution Activity
*Complete Government Webquest

Government Webquest

Use this for worksheet for government web quest

Economy Comic Strip

Make a comic strip in your notebook explaining the four different types of economic systems

Use the following links if you don't know them

The four Economic Systems


Economic Systems

Hispanic caste System (Set up Questions in Cornell Notes)

1. How is the Hispanic Caste system different from India's Caste system?

What is the Caste System


2.Draw a pyramid of the caste system and then explain each part of the system and what the class consisted of.

3. Make a Venn diagram comparing both caste systems

Conquest of Incas and Aztecs

Scroll down to Section 3 and Read "The Fall of the Aztec and Incas Empire"

Answer 1,2,3,5 in Cornell Notes

Conquest of Aztecs and Incas Part 2

Take 1 page of Cornell Notes only on Conquest of Aztecs and Incas for Part 2

STOP Day 3

Day 4 Review

MSL Review

Economics Quiz

Economics Review

Schoolnet Quizzes

Geography VE5HA8PU2
Economy CE8VA4DU2
History RA3DU6QA4
Government QE7JY3F
Culture HY2SA9JU

Social Studies EOC Practice I

Social Studies EOC Practice 2

Social Studies EOC Practice 3

Final Review Activities

File for Scientific Revolution

National treasure