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Questions for everyone : Summary of International Organizations

  1. What is the main cause of climate change and how does it affect our future?
  2. How have humans changed the environment with deforestation and pollution?
  3. What countries face issues with an aging population, and which face trouble with having too many young people?
  4. What is OPEC known for?
  5. What is similar between the African Union, Organization of American States, and the European Union? \
  6. How is the EU different than the others in the above question?
  7. What is the UN (United Nations) responsible for?
  8. Has the UN been effective?
  9. How have the WTO, G20, and NAFTA changed the world economy?

Crash Course

Watch Crash Course: Conflict in Isreal and Palestine


Questions for crash Course

Arab and Israeli Conflict

Middle East Countries Classwork

Middle East Countries Notes

Caste system in India

Highlight, read, and annontate
For each paragraph Visual and Hashtag
Bucket at the end of the reading. the Bucket should be titled India's Caste System

Terrorism Part II
Middle East

1. What do the United nations do in 1948 and what was the Arab countries response?
2. What resulted in the Wars involving Israel vs Egypt and Syria and why where these wars easy for Israel?
3. What was the PLO and why were they formed?
4. Explain the Revolution in Iran and the United States involvement?
5. What happened with Osama Bin Laden in Iran and Saudia Arabia and why did he eventually go to Afghanistan? Why did he consider the United States the enemy?
6. What is ISIS and explain the events that led to their rise?

Summary Question

How is the United States connected to the Middle East and Terrorism?

Homework 5/4/18

Read take 1 page of notes and then talk about the bias this article as in your summary.

Terrorism Project

Questions that go with annotated article

Brussels Attack