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For Enlightenment information click on the following link

Enlightenment Webquest

Make a fold-able on the following forms of government:
1. Theocracy
2. Direct democracy
3. Republic or Indirect Democracy
4. Absolute Monarchy
5. Constitutional Monarchy
6. Dictatorship
7. Totalitarianism
8. Fascism

1. Describe the following governments and know where they get their power from: Direct Democracy, Republic, Absolute Monarchy. Constitutional Monarchy, and Dictatorship.

2. Why did the bourgeoisie lead the French Revolution?

3. What is the connection between the Enlightenment and the French Revolution?

4. How did the Enlightenment and French Revolution change culture in France and around the world?

5. For the following Enlightenment thinkers explain how the ideas changed thought on government: John Locke, Jean Jacques Rosseau, Voltaire, Mary Wolstonecraft, and Baron Montesquieu.

6. Why did the ideas of the Enlightenment lead to conflict with Kings?

7. Why did the French Revolution did not give rights to people during the revolution, but eventually lead to people gaining natural rights.

8. The retake will have passages on it use the following link to prepare.